Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Moving Home.

Ok so we are halfway through our second deployment and this time we did things different then last time. This time I packed our house put it in storage and moved home. And I'll admit it has it fair share of plus' like always having someone to watch Sydnie when I just want sometime for me and being able to get a huge head start on our savings account. But even though the good out weigh the bad most days some days all I think about it How badly I want my own house back! Like when I want to slam a door or turn the music up so loud I cant hear myself think or like when Sydnie has EVERY one of her toys out and I am exhausted and dont feel like picking them up. I also like that Sydnie has gotten to know her grandparents and cousin and uncle and anyone else who is important to her daddy and me.
But now that we have started the planning of our upcoming move home I have started freaking out a little bit. I am excited to get to pick out a new house for my family and I am looking forward to getting to get everything ready for the homecoming of our Hero, but all the normal what if's and can we's come to mind. Like What if we pick somewhere and end up hating it? Can we really afford that? It is hard to set up a budget when you have no idea what your budget is going to be. And what how will we know what house is right for us?? I want to find something that can be our home until the day we get orders sending us to our next duty station, I am tried of having a new address every year. And I am really tired of packing and unpacking! Once again I will be doing all the unloading and unpacking of our belongings ALONE. I am tired just thinking about all the work that is going to be.
And then there is the Road Trip home! I hate being in the car for more then an hour..let alone atleast 2 days with a toddler, 2 cats and a dog! Talk about wanting to pull your hair out. And who is going to help and how far can we drive before stopping and how much is gas going to cost? That opens another million question book that frankly I hate opening.
I wish I could snap my fingers and we are back and everything is all ready and our hero is home! Like I said I wish!
I guess it is all part of the Army Life!

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  1. I know how you feel! I am still wondering how ours will all work out but I know it will work out! I hope everything goes smoothly!