Friday, January 29, 2010

Dear Civilan Girl!

Dear Civilian Girl,

Sometimes I Truly Hate All Of You!!
You Think You Know, Trust Me, You Don't Know The Half!
You Say I Understand, Do You Really? You Say To Just Stick It Out And
That It's Okay, How Can You Say That When You Have No
Idea How Much This Is Killing Me?
You Sometimes Say The Most Insensitive Things Around Me, That To
You And Your Other Friends Seem Okay,But To Me It Is Some Stupid Comment,
That You Need Not Say.

-You Complain That Your Man Worked Late One Night, And You Didn't Get
To See Him.
----My Man Works Late All The Time, I Am Happy For The Times I Do See Him.

-You Complain That Your Man Hasn't Called You.
---I Live For Those 5 Minute Phone Calls, Right Out Of The Blue.

-You Complain About Having To Hang Up The Phone, That An Hour Was Not Enough To Talk, And You Don't Want To Wait Till Tomorrow.
---I Cry Every Time We Cut It Short, And I Never Know When I Will Talk To
Him Again.

-You Complain That He Went Away For A Weekend Vaction And Did Not Take
You Along With Him.
---I Won't See Mine For Another 10 Months.

-You Complain That You Miss Your Man, He Left 2 Hours Ago.
---I Have No Heart, Because My Man Took It, When He Left
Two Months Ago.

-You Shake Off Love Making.
----I Stay Up All Night, Because I Do Not Know When We Will
Make Love Again.

-You Complain That You Did Not Have Sex One Night Of The Week.
---I'm Off Sex For A Whole Year!

-You Complain That You Have To Share Your Man With
His Friends.
---I Have To Share Mine With The Government.

-You Complain That Your Man Practices Too Much For A Game.
---I Worry Because My Man Is In The Field
Practicing How To Survive And Kill.

-You Complain That Your Man Does Not Take Enough Time Of
The Day Out For You.
---I Am Greatful For The Time Of Day I get.

-You Complain That You Missed His Call, And You Will Have To
Call Him Back When You're Not As Busy.
----I Cry My Eyes Out When I Miss A Call Because It Might
Have Been The Only One I Get For Awhile.

-You Save One Cute Text Message From Him.
----I Save Every Last One, So I Can Reread Them, And Never Forget.

-You Complain That You Have To Transfer Schools To Be With Him.
---I Move To Other Countries For Mine.

-You Have Every Part Of Your Man Memorized.
----I Stare At Pictures So I Will Not Forget What He Looks Like.

-You Say You Miss Your Man??
---You Can't Even Begin To Feel My Pain!

-You Take The Time You Have With Your Man For Granted!
----I Would Never.

You Say Your Man Is The Best, He Does It All. Does Your Man Sleep AloneWith Bombs
Dropping Around Him? Does He Fight For A Whole Nations Freedom?
Does He Leave His Loved Ones Behind With No Other Choice?
I Didn't Think So!!
You Say Your Man Has Such A Hard Job,He Is So Worn Out And He Is Grouchy.
Does He Get Up At 5 AM To Run 10 Miles, Then Work A Full Day??
I Didn't Think So!
Mine Does, And He Still Manages To Give Me A Smile When I See Him AFTER
All Of The Mess He Had That Day.

Why Do You Assume That You Have ANYTHING,
What So Ever On Me? You Don't!!
You Might Have It Hard, I Have It Harder.
You Don't Know Anything Yet.

If You're Married to a Military Man, Raise Your Glasses,
If Not....
Raise Your Standards.!!

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