Monday, January 25, 2010


I was on Facebook the other day and one of the ads on the side of the page was for a clothing company that only made Marriage related things. So I checked it out and when reading there mission statement this is what I found. I became instantly willing to look more into buying something from them [which I actually did] just because I agreed 100% with what I read.

This is what it said:
One of the great and wonderful mysteries of life is that loving each other in action--what we do and say--produces romance. Everything in our culture today teaches the opposite, that romance turns into love, but nothing could be further from the truth. Love is a choice and we decide how we're going to treat each other in the good and in the not-so-good times. What a hope-giving reality that a strong, loving, thriving relationship can be built, simply by changing how we interact with our spouse.
Marriage was created to be a blessing and a little kindness, selflessness, and respect goes a long way. Accept the fact that your spouse isn't perfect and then start taking notice of all the good things they bring to the table! Pretty soon you can train your mind to be grateful for who they are as opposed to feeling disappointed about who they are not. When you allow yourself to believe that your spouse rocks, you will free yourself from the downward spiral and temptation of self-pity, disappointment, and even despair. The fact is, your spouse is probably a greater blessing than you allow yourself to lay down your expectations and praise your spouse for his/her attributes. After all, the key is to change yourself! And you'll be surprised at the positive affect it has on the one you choose to love...and you!

I believe every part of that whole heartily. Which I guess is why I am glad I found the person I am supposed to be with at 14. I think being so young came as a blessing to us becuase at 14 and 16 the real relationship we formed was a Friendship, and that friendship is what got us through the bumps in the road. And for that I am greatful.
I knew I loved my husband from the very minute I said it to him and I guess it is a good thing we am so stubborn because that to got us where we are today. Because we honestly never gave up trying to get the other to give them that "2nd" chance.

So now 7 1/2 years later, 2nd deployment, 2 cats, 1 dog and a baby later I look back at how far we actually have come and I thank God that he brought Lee into my life so young. And that we are going to be happily married for a really really long time and get to watch our Beautiful daught grow up and have our grandbabies. And taht we got out of a town that I now know would have probably been the death of a wonderful relationship.

So to my Husband as our 4th Wedding anniversary is right around the corner I love you more then anything and Thank you for being just as stuborrn as I am and never giving up on making this work! You truely are my best friend and soul mate!


  1. awww, how sweet! I love the blog! What clothing company was that, btw??

  2. It is Union28. I believe is there website.